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Content creating, creative direction, styling, attending numerous meetings, driving social media, writing blog posts, pulling and returning samples to public relation companies… These are just a few of the tasks I perform on a weekly basis. Being a small business and working for myself, things can get a little stressful and it takes its toll on my appearance. I’m not that 21 year old hyperactive party girl anymore, who was able to go out a few nights in a row and still be able to work the next day (I know most of you have done it and are reliving it in your mind right now!).

I now feel like I am at the best age and stage of my life. I have found who I am as a person, I am happily married, healthy and have a job I love doing, however my skin can look a little dull, lacks radiance and needs a lot more attention.


After constantly changing beauty products and my diet, I have finally found a regime that works for me. Every morning without fail I drink a concoction of vegetables, fruit and protein in a smoothie. I find this kick starts my energy for the day and keeps me satisfied. I have added the Dr Lewinns Eternal Youth Luminosity Range on top of my skin care regime. The three products: Day & Night CreamDay & Night Golden Essence and Day & Night Eye Cream have done wonders for my skin. It has helped with the instant and long term radiance and brightness of my skin, which is much needed after long hours at the office or on set. I especially love when I wake up after a night’s sleep. My skin is less dull with reduced signs of fatigue and I have a natural youthful glow that I had previously lost over the past year.

If you are in your mid-twenties or higher, I highly suggest you start investing more time and money into your skin. You won’t regret it.


On another note: Dr Lewinns is running an Instagram competition, ‘What makes you glow from the inside out?’ Either: Share you own photo, tag me (@brooketestoni), tell us what makes you glow and hashtag #findyourluminosity.


Repost the photo I posted for Dr Lewinns (on @brooketestoni), tag me (@brooketestoni), tell us what makes you glow and hashtag #findyourluminosity.

This can be anything that makes you happy, luminous and radiant. For example: A day at the spa, your kids, nature, exercising, being outdoors etc.

 The Grand prize is an Eternal Youth Luminosity set, including Luminosity Day & Night Cream ($69.95), Day & Night Golden Essence ($69.95), Luminosity Day & Night Eye Cream ($69.95), Facial Polishing Gel ($44.95) and Gentle Cream Cleanser ($29.95). Total Value: $284.75.

There are also ten runner up prizes to be won. Runner up prize: Eternal Youth Luminosity Essence 30mL ($69.95) and Multi-Moisture Balm 50g (29.95). Total Value: $99.90.

For terms and condition click here.

I look forward to seeing your posts!



Photographed by Christian Blanchard / Edited by Brooke Testoni

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  1. Riya Shankar September 29, 2016 at 1:40 am #

    Your model doesnt really looked like stressed. She looks lovely. –

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