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The 7 Summer trends I am wearing

Lets get trendy. I am not the usual suspect of ‘only’ wearing things on trend. […]

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Top: Acler silk top Jeans: Nobody denim Heels: Manolo Blahnik heels Heels: Loewe sunglasses 

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If I was to date again. This is what I would wear.

Ok, Ok. This is the question our friends have asked us time and time again. […]

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In Gucci we trust

Top: Gucci Pants: Ellery Earrings: Vintage

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Played the suede

Today, I played the suede, well faux suede. Why faux suede? Because it can be […]

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Utility dressing

Green upon green upon green upon green. #tonguetwister And no, not the ‘green green’ as […]

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